Telemactics Services

Most of the Telematics services can be categorized into the following:

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Information and Navigation
  3. Entertainment
  4. Diagnostics

1. Safety and Security Services

The safety and security services include the automatic crash notification, emergency and medical assistance. These were the first set of services to be provided as part of the telematics and also the primary motivation for the conceptualization of automotive telematics.

As part of the Automatic Crash Notification service the TCU monitors the various crash sensors of the vehicle and in the event of a crash it sends the details of the crash intensity and location information to the TOC and also initiates a voice call to the telematics call center from where a service operator can initiate the dispatch of emergency services. Request for emergency services can also be manually initiated by the vehicle occupants incase of an emergency or as a good samaritan for someone else in need of help. Also the TCU may have a alternate power supply which may allow it to operate in the event of the vehicle battery or electrical circuit failure due to a crash.

Security services provided by the telematics service providers include Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Anti-Theft Alarm Notification and remote door services. The in-vehicle TCU can be triggered remotely to send periodic precise location update messages to the Telematics Operations Center or it can be triggered automatically by the anti-theft sensors in the vehicle. Once activated, the Telematics Operations Center can track the vehicle and work with the law enforcement agencies for recovering and securing the vehicle and its occupants. As part od remote door services the TCU can be instructed to perform the door lock and unlock operations remotely from the TNOS.

2. Information and Navigation
The information and navigation services provide access from the vehicle to a variety of seamlessly integrated conveniences where the vehicle occupant can get access to location sensitive information and content. Examples of services in this category would be point of interest download, turn by turn navigation assistance and on call technical support. The TCU can also provide a personal area network to wifi/bluetooth capable devices inside the vehicle and provide them internet connectivity over the telematics wireless data network connection.

This category also includes the set of services provided to commercial vehicles and vehicle fleets. Geofencing, vehicle maintenance monitoring and fleet tracking are some of the services utilized for improving the productivity and efficiency of commercial vehicles.

3. Entertainment
The entertainment services are an upcoming area of telematics that are getting a major boost due to the the increase in the bandwidth of emerging wireless technologies for exchanging data with the vehicles. On demand direct music/video downloading, internet radio, streaming content and synchronization with home entertainment library are some examples of the services in this category. Also improvements in the processing capabilities of the TCUs have lead to features such as interactive voice based command interface for accessing in-vehicle features by the vehicle occupants.

4. Diagnostics
Diagnostics is another upcoming area of telematics services. These include remote diagnostics, performance data collection, and remote DTC scanning service to name a few. The TCU in the vehicle is made capable of performing detailed diagnostic scans when triggered remotely or when certain key thresholds are crossed for e.g. distance travelled since last scan, time elapsed since last service etc.

Telematics is an important part of Automotive Connectivity. To read further details on this subject, download 7-page PDF document giving you further details here.

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