Peter Vink – An expert of seating comfort and design

Today, we would like to introduce Peter Vink, an expert of seating comfort and design.

Vink_50x50px Peter Vink has been active in the field of seating comfort and design for over twenty years. Since 1998 he’s been the head of the department of Ergonomics and Innovation at TNO and since 2005 he leads the department of Interior Design, where projects for many international companies and organisations are done focused on better comfort and better performance. In 2002 he became a professor at the Delft University of Technology at the department of Industrial Design where he guides PhD and MSc students in designing products that contribute to better health, more productivity and better comfort.  Peter’s area of research is Physical and Organizational Ergonomics include:

– Designing production lines that increase productivity and health for employees,
– Designing products like hand tools, seats, and vehicle interiors with special attention to comfort,
– Designing systems that increase the working conditions.

Furthermore, Peter Vink is Head of the department ‘Ergonomics and Innovation’ at TNO, Hoofddorp (4 days a week) as well as a Member of the editorial board of Applied Ergonomics.

Peter Vink will be the leader of IQPC’s Seminar on Seating Comfort which will take place in Hamburg and Cologne. He will give a comprehensive introductional training to seating comfort, user demands and ergonomics. You can find more information about the seminar here. Relevant presentations on seating design are available in the seminar’s Download Center.


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