E-Mobility – a key driver in the automotive industry

E-mobility is one of the key drivers in the automotive industry. Therefore high voltage applications are becoming ever more important in the design and development of cables and plugs. Safety requirements are a main issue here alongside with engineering standards, testing methods for charging systems and batteries as well as EMC.

Wiring harness for high-voltage applications

In addition, the substitution of copper by aluminium is being discussed heavily.  In comparison to aluminium copper is very heavy. Even in larger gauge applications, aluminum is lighter than copper. This is an important consideration for wiring harness applications with hybrid vehicles. The second important benefit of aluminum over copper is the fact that aluminum is more affordable than copper. Read more about the evolution from copper to aluminum here. The bottleneck in this area is the development of an intelligent connection method.

Another main development in the wire industry constitutes the trend towards automation in wire harness production. The implementation and limits of automation are further key discussion topics. The industry is looking for:

  •  new concepts for high voltage wiring harness and safety requirements
  • high power & high speed data – changing E/EDS system complexity and wire harness design 
  • standardization and test methods of charging systems, batteries, safety and EMC of electrical vehicles
  •  automated manufacturing of wire harness

These challenges have to be solved. What is your experience? Which challenges are you facing? Feel free to share your experiences here.

For those who want do discuss these issues with international experts, take a look at IQPC’s Conference Automotive Cables & Plugs.

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