The Risks of Driving

There is no doubt that driving is dangerous, but we don’t think about it very often. Taking the car belongs to our every day life and doesn’t seem to be a frightening thing, at least in most of the situations. Many people tend to be more frightened when travelling by airplane than by car, even though it is proven that dying in a plane accident is less likely than being killed in a car accident. Every year, thousands of people die in car accidents. For instance, 2.538 people die in a year on average as a result of road accidents in the UK.

Components of a car crash

  • Speed: Most fatal car crashs happen at high speed
  • Alcohol: Even though there are laws that permit the consumption of alcohol when driving, alcohol stays one of the key components in fatal car accidents.
  • Age: Teens and young adults die the most in car accidents. This is due to less driving experience often in combination with a misture of alcohol and speed.
  • Mobile: It is more likely to have a fatal car crash when using your mobile. Many people are distracted by playing with their (smart)phone while driving. In times of telematics, figures of people who died due to driver distraction are expected to increase.
  • Time: August is the month with the most fatal collisions. What are the reasons? Heat? Long drives? A mixture of both? There are no reasons specified.

There are definitely many more components which come together when having a fatal accident. The road itself also plays an important role. There are roads which are more dangerous than other roads. This is due to heavy traffic, bad quality of the asphalt, wheather conditions etc. The most dangerous road in the world, also known as “death road”, is in Bolivia. Around 300 people die yearly in car accidents.

And, it may sound sarcastic, but sometimes it is just bad luck: Being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Another shocking fact: Dying in a car accident is very expensive. The cost of one single road death in the UK economy is 1.79 million!

I hope everybody keeps these facts in mind when taking the car next time. Drive safely!!!

(Source:  Graphic by Infoshot. Please feel free to use this image on your blog, just be sure to link back here to the original source.)


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  1. Provides helpful Info.about the Risks of Driving and nice guides and tips.

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