#DFF: A campaign to prevent distracted driving

Today, I would like to introduce an interesting campaign to you:  the distracted driving awareness program called Distraction Free Fridays (#DFF).

 The campaign has been initiated by the blogger Carlos Beltran (Beltran about Cars) in conjunction with fellow auto blogger, Melanie Batenchuck, of BeCarChic.

April is distracted driving awareness month

 Awareness should not end at the turn of a calendar page. Each Friday through June 24th, Carlos and Melanie will share their perspectives on this increasingly important topic. They will be publishing blog posts about distracted driving, the policies that may ultimately monitor it, and the technologies that exist to reduce it. Furthermore, there will be a contest supported by Sears Automotive and Got2BWireless. Visit the Facebook site to stay tuned for the details.

What is the purpose of the campaign?

As automotive enthusiasts and bloggers, Carlos and Melanie want to learn what preventative actions drivers are taking to avoid being distracted while driving. What are some solutions that individuals can mandate for themselves? They believe that a collaborative, social approach is the best way to get the answers to these questions.

How do you avoid being distracted behind the wheel? Perhaps you are guilty of taking your eyes off the road (as all of us are at times), and you want to change your behavior. Maybe you know someone who has been injured or lost a loved one due to distracted driving. Whatever your cause, Carlos and Melanie want to team up with you to define easy-to-implement solutions.

You can help by joining the Distraction Free Fridays (#DFF) movement!
Here’s how:

  • Join #DFF on Facebook to share tips, photos, and videos about distracted driving and how to take the initiative to stop this bad habit on an individual basis.
  • Make a statement on Twitter by using the campaign hash tag (#DFF) or changing your avatar to our #DFF logo. Download it here.
  • On Fridays, in lieu of (or in addition to) the typical Follow Friday (#FF) tweets, #DFF your friends and show them how much you care about driving without any distractions. Here’s a sample tweet: “I’m taking the #DFF pledge and putting down my device today – doing my part against #distracteddriving.”

You can join the campaign on the blog Beltran about Cars.

Help to prevent accidents!

( Source http://beltranaboutcars.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/dff-a-campaign-to-prevent-distracted-driving)


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