Off-Highway Diesel Engines and New Emissions Standards

Off-highway engine manufacturers are getting ready for a new era in diesel design. The increasingly stringent emissions standards for off-highway diesel engines challenge engine manufacturers to an unprecedented degree. Off-highway engines need an extremely flexible engine architecture to be suitable for a large width of different applications in terms of design, duty cycles and operational conditions.

Emission reduction potential in off-highway powertrains

Get updated on the latest engine technologies for off-highway applications

  • Legislation: Upcoming EU and international regulation, to assess its impact on the off-highway market segment
  • Engine performance: New engine developments for off-highwayengines can achieve optimal performance and fuel economy for all applications
  • Alternative powertrain solutions: Comparision of innovative engine applications for new powertrain technologies to prepare yourselves for a market beyond pure diesel technology
  • Retrofitting: How to get your old fleets up to the new emissions norms through the use of intelligent retrofitting technologies
  • Exhaust aftertreatment: Insight into how to comply with future emission reduction standards using the latest exhaust aftertreatment technologies

Key engine systems of off-highway diesel engines in focus

Whereas engineers agree that the next step in emission regulation standards will not be met without exhaust aftertreatment technologies, IQPC’s 2011 conference will focus on key engine systems as the most critical components in any low emission diesel powertrain.

  • Gain insight into the latest technologies for off-highway diesel engines to meet the Tier 4/ Stage 4 legislative standards
  • Find out about new engine developments for off-highway engines to achieve optimal performance, fuel economy and flexibility for applications
  • Compare innovative engine applications for new powertrain technologies for different vehicles and markets such as marine and construction, the rail segment as well as power generation to benefit from cross industry technology advances
  • Learn about intelligent retrofitting technologies to get your old fleets up to the new emissions norms
  • Assess different exhaust aftertreatment system development to reduce emissions


Next Generation Off-Highway Engines 
Don’t miss the “Next Generation Off-Highway Engines” conference, taking place
27-29 June 2011 at the Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan Frankfurt, Germany.

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