The Automotive iCloud

Interesting blogpost of millionsofmyles sharing his thoughts about the (automotive) iCloud:

Today Apple announced at the WWDC a myriad of products, one of those being iCloud for iOS5.

Some of us have heard of cloud computing and have been using it for a while. I am Dropbox user and also find Basecamp a great project management platform. Sure as hell saves the multiple version of the truth syndrome that can occur.

I believe Apple has today bought ‘the cloud’ into the mainstream. Apple tends to make creations that have been floating around for a while, cool, mainstream and no longer ‘geeky’.  I believe they construct that bridge between gadget confidants to those who are not so confident with gadgets.

By pushing ’the cloud’ into the big time, Apple increases individuals/companies/industries awareness to the potential of this technology.

 So let have a ‘Brainstorm Blog’ on how the Automotive Industry could utilise the cloud.

I’ll start with some ‘technical stuff’ that you may find interesting and finish with some ‘fun stuff’ that will make being in a car more enjoyable.

The Technical Stuff

– A cars diagnostic data could stream to a manufacturers cloud constantly. By diagnostic data I mean anything a cars multitude of computers sense and read that can lead to recording of faults that highlight part failures, problems etc. This data could be used by the manufacturer to book the vehicle in for service without the driver having to explain to the dealership anything that may be wrong as well as assist the manufacturer in making a more reliable product.

– Bye bye service log book. All servicing work is synced with the cloud and with the car.

– All updates required for vehicle softwares downloaded when driving and installed when safe to do so. e.g a EMU (engine management unit) would install during the cars downtime i.e while parked at night.

– Softwares updates in the future will present new software based features in a car e.g a redesigned air conditioning dial on the vehicles touch screen. A brief update and how to video to educate the driver on these features could be synced with the cloud and played when it is appropriate for the driver to do so.

– A ‘What’s New ‘system in the cars entertainment OS that shows the latest offers from the manufacturer. This shouldn’t be blasted rudely onto the screen. We have learnt from social media and other advertising practices that people prefer to access advertising when they want to find it during research etc.

– A minefield in terms of privacy law, but a possibility all the same. Car check in’s. Would you like to tell friends of your car that you have now checked into Shell petrol station? What cars are filling up where and what cars are using what product?  

– Could these check-in’s be used as an expense claim method?

– Check-in to fuel station, car connects with petrol/gas bowser via web connection or other method. Driver fills up, car pays via cloud stored account information. On your way.

– Pay for parking via the cloud

– Car Criminal record. Speed cameras, police etc. able to access owner data via the cloud. Once again a minefield but a possibility.

– Tolls paid via both, eTag or cloud?

Fun Stuff

– Why have a phone to use in the car? Why not have all your contacts and numbers stored in the cloud to use via the cars telephone system thus leave a ‘smartphone’ be a mobile device that also makes phone calls?

– Connect your iPod etc to a car via a cable? Why not sync all your music with your car via the cloud? Sync data with individual passengers. e.g player unit in the back seat can sync with your daughters library.

– As Jennaviere commented in this earlier post. Car has a McDonalds app. Pre-order and send to McDonalds you are going to go to, order is on time and paid for via car at drive through, or even without the order process the car could simply pay.

– Internet radio. Getting very popular. Possible via great mobile connections to stations and station preferences stored in the cloud.

– An app that is a game for the best economic and green driving style. App analyses car data such as fuel consumption etc. Scores uploaded to cloud, leaderboard per car model displayed. Prizes from Green companies etc.

– The mobile office. Colleague finishes Powerpoint Presentation on the way to a client. Presentation synced with car. Sales rep pulls over to discuss and fine tune presentation with colleague. Colleague works on presentation. Presentation ready and perfect for presenting to client.

These are just some that I was able to brainstorm during my lunch hour. What things do you think could be done when cars are cloud connected?

Let us know below. We’d love to hear them.


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  1. millionsofmyles

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. I hope you liked it and can participate in the discussion.

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