6th International Congress Intelligent Braking 2011

Brake system concepts for hybrid vehicles, ultra high performance thermoplastics, regenerative braking, and reducing brake squeal – These are the topics at the heart of the automotive braking industry. At IQPC’s 6th International Congress Intelligent Braking 2011 from 28 – 30 September in Cologne, Germany, experts in the field will come together to discuss new technologies and developments in automotive braking systems.

Congress delegates will hear presentations, first-hand experiences and best practices from international companies and institutions, focussing on the following issues:

  • Intelligent braking system concepts for hybrid vehicles, especially the requirements for recuperative braking systems
  • Ultra high performance thermoplastics for demanding brake system applications and how to gain durability as contribution to system efficiency
  • Effective measures to reduce brake squeal in passenger cars
  • New ways to deliver better brake comfort despite higher NHV development challenges
  • Brake development in complex systems

In addition to the two main congress days, delegates can also further their knowledge by participating in interactive workshops on regenerative braking systems and failure and fault codes in braking systems.

Further information, including the full conference program, articles and interviews, are available on the website.


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