Need for Advanced Suspension Systems

Suspension systems have significantly contributed to vehicle’s safety as well as in the enhancement of its life span. A good suspension system protects vehicle from undue wear & tear, which in turn increases the life-span of the vehicle. In this context, vehicle’s application is very useful for providing its availability. Moreover, it proactively plays an active part in rendering comfort to vehicle occupants. In modern times, the significance of suspension systems is much valued than it was decades ago. Today, the manufacturers have certainly prioritized incorporating advanced suspension systems in its vehicles, in order to render controllability, stability and many other component attributes onto its vehicle occupants. Also, patenting of its suspension system design is carried out by certain vehicle makers. Future trends of advanced suspension systems could be reflected from representative patents and innovations in the arena of suspension systems.

 Achieving State of Art Suspension systems
Driving comfort and safety is one of the functionalities of vehicle suspension system. A good suspension system is the efficient carrier of the vehicle body or its framework, so as to proportionately distribute all forces between the road and the vehicle body. In order for the suspension system to suit any driving conditions, introduction of active and semi-active components is mandatory. Fixed setups of suspension should be technically enhanced by making alterations in variable shock absorber or springs so attached to it. For instilling efficacy in vehicle suspension systems, the control behavior of its components ought to be studied. Also, adapting to certain parameters in relevance to driving excitations must be understood. It is equally pertinent to identify as well as detect if any faulty components persist, in order to accommodate design of suspension system. As any discussions on suspension systems brings forth the essence of driving safety and driving comfort, it would be optimal to elaborate these two widely used terms.

Read more about suspension systems here.


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