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Harvesting energy with smart sensors

Rob van Schaijk, R&D Manager Sensors & Energy Harvesters at Holst Centre / imec, the     Netherlands explains the advantages of energy harvesting through sensors mounted on tires. One of the challenges is to add functionality in the tire by integrating smart sensor systems. Main focus in our work is to match for smart sensor systems in the tire the power generation (energy harvesting) with the power consumption of the system. Due to small financial margins one needs to differentiate, which can be done by adding relevant functionality.

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He will be speaking at our 8th Annual Conference Intelligent Tire Technology, 24-26 September in Darmstadt, Germany.

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HMI and Driver Distraction

Incorporating advanced technology and connectivity in motor vehicles has the ability to make travel more entertaining and specifically far safer – but these very features may contribute to driver distraction, negating all the safety aspects. Accurate statistics in regard to distracted driving are notoriously hard to sample as most surveys rely on self-reporting for their data. Estimates of distraction as a cause or contributing factor in accidents range between a low percentage to as much as 70% of accidents. Statistics indicate that the impact of distracted driving now leads to higher fatalities.
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Interested? Check out our conference on Automotive Cockpit HMI, 24 – 26 September 2012 in Bonn, Germany.

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Ford Motor, USA: “PM sensors are biggest item for Euro 6/VI programs”

Ken Leisenring, Diesel Feature Calibration Manager, and John Bogema, Diesel OBD and SCR Calibration Supervisor at Ford Motor Company, USA will both speak at our diagnosis event. In their opinion, sensor durability and algorithm robustness will be key to having an overall cost efficient solution. Read the whole interview for their expert insight into the industry HERE.

IQPC’s conference 4th Advanced Automotive Diagnostics will take place 02 – 04 July, 2012 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Find more details on

John Bogema                   Ken Leisenring

Recently, Mercedes Benz released first regular bus that complies with Euro VI standards: The Citaro Euro VI.

A diesel powered service bus from Mercedes Benz holds the record of being the first such bus to be Euro VI compliant. The Citaro Euro VI is the cleanest running diesel powered bus being offered with Euro VI engines thus meeting stringent exhaust emission standards. What sets this bus apart from the rest is the fact that besides meeting high level of emission standards its fuel consumption too is reduced by 5% while oil and AdBlue consumption is also at a new reduced level.

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