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Follow up: How Social Media creates Brand Awareness in the Automotive Industry

A recent study by Text100 about how automotive brands were perceived within social media channels during 2011 shows that it is quite clear that the automotive industry is not alien to social media. In fact, it is just as forward moving as any vertical market out there!

There are many great examples of how different brands have utilized the advantages of social media campaigns. We have listed a few below:

One example of a successful campaign launched just this week is the new promotion for the Volkswagen Polo in Spain. The campaign is built as a competition on Twitter as a way to promote and publicize the new VW Polo, which is also 1st prize in the competition. Each time a participant writes a tweet using the correct hashtags, you will increase your chances of winning the VW Polo. The end of this promotion will be when Volkswagen obtains a determined amount of tweets stated or by the competition end date on May 28, 2012.

In 2011 Mercedes-Benz launched a race car that literally ran on tweets. Tweets counted for a certain amount of gas: for every tweet, each team would receive 1/4 mile to advance toward its destination.

In Norway, VW promoted its Golf Bluemotion using Twitter – they created a real time game using Google Maps and Street View. The Bluemotion Golf started with a full tank with the intention to drive until it ran out of gas. To win the game you would have to guess where the car would stop.

Alfa Romeo launched a facebook campaign in Spain: If you were able to gather 99 friends from Facebook to accompany you to an Alfa Romeo dealership, you would win an Alfa Romeo Mito.

The automotive industry is embracing the possibilities that social media offer. Thus, social media tools and user networks have become an important factor in contributing to brand awareness of auto companies. Every day, more companies are investing in innovation, and in doing so they are leading the way for other industries to use these techniques as well.

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