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Regenerative shock absorber recovers energy from bumps in the road

In the past decade, regenerative braking systems have become increasingly popular, recovering energy that would otherwise be lost through braking. However, another energy recovery mechanism that is still in the research stages
is regenerative suspension systems. This technology has the ability to continuously recover a vehicle’s vibrational energy dissipation that occurs due to road irregularities, vehicle acceleration, and braking, and use the energy to reduce fuel consumption.

In a recent study, Professor Lei Zuo, Brian Scully, Jurgen Shestani, and Yu Zhou, all mechanical engineers from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, have designed and tested a retrofit regenerative shock absorber that recovers a vehicle’s vibrational energy. The researchers built a 1:2 scale prototype of the regenerative shock absorber, and  demonstrated its ability to harvest 2-8 watts of power during typical driving conditions at a speed of about 45 mph. They predict that a full-scale system on a four-wheel car should be able to recover up to 256 watts under these driving  conditions.

A 2-page article has been released on this research. You can download it here:  Chassis Electrification.

New speaker: Alain Gilberg from PSA Peugeot Citroen / Autosar

We have the pleasure of announcing that Alain Gilberg will be joining us as a speaker on the upcoming conference on Chassis Electrification. More details on the conference will be posted soon.

Alain Gilberg is at PSA Peugeot Citroën since 1990 and is currently working in the powertrain and chassis division in the electronics department where he is responsible for technical policy regarding electronics and software developments.Deeply involved in innovation in this domain, he is the project leader for PSA Peugeot Citroën in the AUTOSAR project since 2003 when PSA became core partner of this project.A few years ago he has been involved in the research projects AEE and ITEA EAST-EEA, which were dealing with the standardization of electronic architectures in the automotive domain and can be considered as one of the origin of the AUTOSAR initiative of which he is a speaker in 2011.

For further details on the 2nd International Conference Chassis Electrification, please click here.

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